Hydrotherapy Treatment

What to expect in a Hydrotherapy Treatment

An experienced hydrotherapist will be in the water throughout the session. We find that this is vital to correct rehabilitation and also helps to reduce anxiety.

Each session lasts up to thirty minutes. However on your initial visit, the pool session will be shorter as a full medical assessment and history of your pet will be taken. We will always contact your vet to obtain confirmation whether your pet is suitable for hydrotherapy treatment and has no conditions that would contra-indicate swimming.

In some cases starting hydrotherapy treatment may be delayed until a physiotherapy assessment has been made - we find this useful and sometimes essential in order to plan the best programme of treatment.

Owners are encouraged to become involved within the session from the poolside, however for health and safety reasons will not be allowed in the water.

After the hydrotherapy treatment your pet will be showered off, excess moisture on the coat will be removed with a towel. Finally a natural organic spritz or conditioner is applied, leaving your pet’s coat in premium condition.

Preparing your dog for a Hydrotherapy treatment

  • Please do not feed your pet for at least 3 hours prior to a swimming session.
  • Please bring a towel.
  • Owners may find it useful to wear waterproof clothing, you may get wet!


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