Testimonials from customers

Testimonials from clients

A Rejuvenated Dog

Daisy - happy customerLast spring, Daisy, my 12 year old lab/collie bitch was limping severely and in some distress. The vet, (John Smith, at the Bishopton Practice) diagnosed a problem with the cruciate ligament in her right hind leg and performed a delicate operation which was successful. However, Daisy’s muscles were still much weakened and she was  reluctant to put weight on her the repaired leg. I remembered that I had seen a notice about a new Hydrotherapy centre near Harrogate and so, rather nervously, with the vet’s approval, I made an appointment there with the Therapist, Kay Harland.

That was one of the best decisions of my life! Kay soon established a rapport with the rather nervous Daisy and began to work with her in the water, gently encouraging her to swim, while also massaging the muscles in her repaired leg.

Daisy likes water but was understandably a bit nervous at first and it was wonderful to see the way in which Kay built up the dog’s confidence and gradually encouraged her to swim more and more, ensuring that she turned so that the relevant leg was properly exercised while at the same time Kay continued to massage her. By the end of the first course of 6 sessions the leg was much improved but I booked a further six, and also arranged some acupuncture with Mr Cox, a vet at the Bishopton Practice who specialises in this. 

By the end of the second Hydrotherapy course Daisy’s leg was again firm and she walked easily with no limp. However, she enjoyed the sessions so much that I have continued having one session a week and intend to keep on with this. Daisy has regained all her old vitality, has a very trim shape and walks and runs with ease. The greatest treat for me is to see Daisy’s excitement as we drive up to the centre; I let her off the lead as soon as Kay is free and Daisy then races into the pool area and stands at the top of the pool ramp quivering until Kay comes to start the session. I hope that with continuing weekly sessions, plus three monthly acupuncture visits, Daisy will retain her health and vitality for some time yet.

Mary Dance

Dear Kay

BasilI am very sorry to have to tell you that sadly Basil passed away on New Year’s Day.

I would like to thank you and all the staff at Touch Canine Care Centre very much for the kindness and support you gave to Basil and myself over the many months that we visited you.

The caring nature and the individuality of the hydro-therapy that Basil received from you helped so much to improve his quality of life.  You helped to maintain his mobility through the regular, carefully tailored  swimming sessions and these also stimulated him mentally as he was always more alert following his visits to you.

Many thanks again and I wish you every success as I am sure, like Basil and I, there will be many more happier  dogs and contented owners that visit you.

Many thanks

Suzie - It's all going swimmingly

Suzie our porky pooch is doing well and still losing weight. She has been greatly helped by twice weekly swimming sessions at Touch Canine Care Centre near Harrogate.

She really enjoys herself and the exercise is fantastic... the first week showed a weight loss of 8 kilos and she continues to become a shadow of her former self.

As of 16 October, Suzie weighs 21 kilos compared to 34 kilos which was the first recorded weight we have for her - she did weigh more!

Dear Kay

I just wanted to say Thank You on behalf of the branch and volunteers for a very informative and interesting evening the other week. We were all very impressed and appreciated the time you took to show us the Centre and the pool "in action". Everyone enjoyed themselves and wish you every success, it will be well deserved.

Jill Johnson - Branch Manager RSPCA
Harrogate and District Branch


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